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Halfwish - Outwish and Outwit 🤞

Halfwish is a PVP Roguelite free to play game where you can experience a brand new PVP that tests your strategy, risk mitigation and bluffing ability. Collect your own roster of heroes, hunt for loot to trade on the open marketplace and involve yourself in an immersive faction system that will have an impact in the real world.

Here on the dev team, we believe games should be fun and worth investing time into, instead of it just being a grindfest for the sake of it. Halfwish is meant to be inclusive and appeal to many - gamers and non-gamers alike.

You are a Venator, a metaversal bounty hunter travelling to different realms to track down magic lamps for your genie master. (Yes you read that right!) Along the way, items and currency you find or unbox in this game will be available for you to sell via our open market to other Halfwish players worldwide or to progress your own account. Build up your very own realm, gear up to fight in server wide battles for legendary loot or just cash out to buy yourself something nice!

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